Automatic 16-axis Winder series: FM3316-T, FM3616-TH, FM

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Machine features
● The eight-axis winding machine can realize many functions on the basis of standard machines. The primary secondary completes the winding at one time, reducing the loading and unloading time and improving the efficiency.
● Stranding machines can be separated from the winding machine independently, can be transplanted to other machines to achieve stranded function, more human operation, more intuitive, can break down and adjust each action of the stranded wire in order to achieve the efficiency and stability Sex. (To avoid the disadvantage of the common strand process in the industry)
● Winding program using the software has the optional: random flat winding (standard layer winding), the entire column winding (same number of different winding), variable width winding (car booster coil), simple operation, user interface Chinese, function keys and I / O directly on the screen operation.
● The main parts imported, high precision, rigidity, high efficiency. Humanized design, compact structure and reasonable
Spindle speed
16000~21000RPM(Any setting for forward or reverse)(Standard 12000 RPM)
Spindle angle 360°
360 ° arbitrary setting (accurate to 0.1 °)
Available wire gauge
Φ0.025~1.0mm(AboveΦ0.3, use pneumatic scissors device)
Each axis moving range
X-axis (front and rear); 0-150mm 'Y-axis (left and right): 0-110mm; Z (up and down); 0-60mm; X2 (front and rear of servo clamp) 0-150mm
Optional tension type
Mechanical, electromagnetic, and servo options available
Max.coiling diameter
Φ31mm(Standard type 28MM)/Φ52mm
Max.coiling width
Horizontal, Vertical (45 ° optional)
Pressurized air
Air consumption
Machine dimension
Machine weight
Multi strand stranding machine
Avaiable wire gauge
Strangd wire gauge
3~17(Odd number stock)
Strand length
Strand speed
Select device
According to the needs of the product, the following devices can be selected:
● Tensioner / Strander
● pressure scissors
● Third pressure line device
● double and around
● automatic loading and unloading device
● BOBBIN detection device
● automatic package tape device

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