Twenty-four axis circle line:FAWM-3624T

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Machine features
●The fully automatic wire winding machine assembly line mainly consists of three parts: pin insertion, wire winding, and dipping tin.
●A fully automatic wire winding machine that integrates functions such as automatic needle insertion, automatic loading and unloading, automatic winding, automatic twisting, automatic tin dipping, automatic bending, automatic detection, and automatic disc loading.
●The winding machine is a seven axis linkage, with precise number of coils and adjustable winding speed. The dipping machine is a three axis linkage, with a dipping temperature of 380-550 ℃ and a temperature control accuracy of ± 1 ℃. The dipping liquid level is automatically detected and compensated.
●The main components are all imported, with high precision, good rigidity, and high efficiency. Humanized design, compact and reasonable structure.
Specification parameters
No.of spindles 24
Spindle spacing 36mm(Depending on the spindle spacing)
Spindle RMP Standard:9000RMP MAX:12000RMP
Winding wire diameter Φ0.02-Φ0.3
Control system Yaskawa controller
No.of controlled spindles 7
Spindle motor power 3KW
Total motor power 6.5KW
Air source 0.4-0.6MPA
Max.rotating diameter Φ28mm
Power supply Three phase 380V, 50HZ
Functions A multifunctional combination device that integrates automatic needle insertion, automatic feeding, automatic wire winding, automatic feeding, automatic tin dipping, automatic bending, automatic detection, automatic cutting, automatic disc loading, automatic tension adjustment, adjustable spindle speed, and adjustable number of coils. Additional automatic twisting function can be added, and other functions can be expanded according to customer requirements.

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