Is the high-voltage coil and ignition coil the same thing?

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For a car, the high-voltage coil and ignition coil are the same thing. The ignition coil is a high-voltage coil, which is a step-up transformer. It is a device for converting low-voltage electricity into high-voltage electricity.

Introduction to the types of coil:

There are three types of automobile ignition coils (commonly referred to as high-voltage coils), namely, modular ignition coils, integrated ignition coils and pen type ignition coils. Modular ignition coils are most used in traditional old carburetor models. The integrated ignition coil is directly inserted into the cylinder head. Penholder ignition coil is an ignition coil shaped like a pen.

Attentions for using coil:

Prevent the ignition coil from being heated or damped. Do not turn on the ignition switch when the engine is not running. Check, clean and fasten the circuit connector frequently to avoid short circuit or grounding.

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