Relevant knowledge of different high-voltage coils

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The correct name of high voltage coil is circuit output transformer, also known as circuit coil or circuit transformer. The working principle of the display and TV high voltage coil is basically the same. Due to the high temperature, high frequency, high voltage and high current status of high-voltage coil, as well as the impact of external environmental humidity or dust, the probability of high-voltage coil damage is very high. Now let's take a look at the classification of high voltage coils.

1. TV high voltage coil

The electron gun at the rear of the picture tube emits thermionic electrons. As the electric field accelerates and bombards the screen, the phosphor coated on the screen will glow. The faster the electron beam moves, the brighter it will be. In order to improve the electron speed, it is necessary to increase the voltage of the accelerating electric field, so that the electron beam can obtain higher accelerating energy. After rectification, the AC output in the high voltage bag first generates a high voltage electric field with the positive pole. The electron accelerates in this electric field, and the image has enough brightness.

The high-voltage coil is commonly known as the circuit output transformer, and the output of high-voltage DC is the function of the high-voltage coil. This function is exactly the same as the high-voltage coil in the TV. When used in TV, it is used to accelerate the electronic screen to achieve sufficient brightness. When used for computer LCD screen, it can supply power to the lamp to make the screen reach enough brightness. Of course, each TV and monitor has different types of high-voltage coil. The maintenance personnel should pay attention to the model when replacing the TV high voltage coil. In this way, a series of unnecessary dangers can be avoided.

2. Motorcycle high-pressure coil

Motorcycle high-voltage coil, also known as ignition coil, is composed of primary coil, secondary coil and iron core. When using, first charge the primary coil, and induce 200-300V voltage in the primary coil; Then a high voltage of 18-20kV is generated by mutual inductance with the secondary coil, and the generated voltage depends on the turn ratio of the two coils; Then send the high-voltage power to the spark plug for ignition.

The working principle of the high voltage coil is to convert DC to AC through the oscillator, boost the voltage through the boost circuit, and then rectify it to DC high voltage. When the voltage rises to a certain value, energize the igniter to ignite it.